Knowing The Authenticity For Best Dumplings

If you are a genuine food lover and you have tasted all of the food in the world or the countries, you have been too well then you must have definitely tried dumplings. Yes, dumpling is the most delicious cuisine in Chinese region that for more than eighteen hundred years it has been serving in almost every part of the world.

Thousands of people have tasted this delicious cuisine at least once in their life time and they have all enjoyed it yet the craving never ends, however nowadays you can almost find Chinese restaurant in every country who will serve you dumplings but will they be authentic and the best dumplings that you have ever had.

To know how to find best dumplings in china town you will first need to know its history. As mentioned before the dumplings have a rich history of more than eighteen hundred years and they are the speciality to every occasion.

You see they are originally from Han Dynasty, which is dated at 225AD, however they were actually used in medicinal purpose which were actually cooked in mutton and herbs so that anyone experiencing extreme cold temperatures can get warmed up.

Since then you can see many restaurants have been using similar techniques to create authentic taste. There are actually many types for dumplings and here we will explain you a few of them so that you can get the gist of it or you may be able to recall that something similar to it that you have ate before.

  • The first is Jiaozi, it is actually a well know dumpling. They are mostly eaten in a variety as in either fried or steamed or even boiled.
  • The second is Pot stickers, guotie, it is actually wrapped and made to look different and it is pan cooked and not boiled.
  • The third is Wonton, this is quite common among many countries also, they are either made with help of meat or sometimes shrimps and they you are greeted with chicken broth.
  • Another one is Momo, it is similar to Jiaozi, however when they are filled, they actually look bigger in size. They are mostly filled with either meat from buffalo, cheese, chicken, or pork.

As you can see that there are many types of dumplings and we have mentioned only few here so that you can have an idea that how much variety can a same thing have in different places.

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